Katja and Wilhelm's Romantic Florence Honeymoon Portraits
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Katja and Wilhelm’s Romantic Florence Honeymoon Portraits

Sunrise and Sunset with these lovers!

I was booked in Sydney at the time of Katja and Wilhelm’s wedding in Finland. However, being available to capture their Florence Honeymoon Portraits was the best and we had so much fun! I have photographed Katja twice and Wilhelm once before. We have become close friends and it really feels special to me when this happens with my clients. You can see the first photos I captured for Katja here.

Florence is a very busy city at all times of the year. Lots of research was required on my part to make sure we could find some good locations not overrun by tourists. After days of research I put together a two page plan for the Florence Honeymoon portraits and it was enthusiastically accepted. Almost all went to plan until we encountered the ‘Instagrammer’! After patiently waiting for a few minutes for her to move she refused when we asked for a few seconds in the only available light in that space. So we had to go elsewhere but found a better spot anyway. I believe some things are meant to be and you should always be ready to work with curve balls.

There is no denying it. Wilhelm has amazing hair – it is extremely thick and lustrous. Throughout the sunrise session Katja could not stop styling and touching his hair (understandable). It was agreed for the sunset session his hair would be tied back to keep his wife under control – haha! This strategy seemed to work and these lovebirds were totally engrossed in the view and each other as they enjoyed the sunset. Their favourite photos are actually when we were waiting by the side of the road for the sun to go down.  I will let you guess which photos these are.

Florence Honeymoon Portraits – All the Details

Sunrise locations we visited: Duomo di Firenze, Trinity Bridge and the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Sunset locations we visited: Piazzale Michaelangelo and San Miniato al Monte.

I have also included some funny photos of when we attempted to visit the popular tourist viewpoint of Piazzle Michaelangelo. It was worth a try and I did capture some amazing panoram photos of the view for Katja and Wilhelm. However it was crazy and impossible to get any couple photos with the view. So we headed further up the hill to my researched location to enjoy an uninterrupted view.