Albums by Gemma Clarke

Memories you want to last



Do you love going through old photos?


Do you love looking at the photos your parents took when you were younger? And what about the photos of them from ‘back in the day’?


Maybe you have photos of your grandparents in an old photo album and you are transported back to that era imagining what life must have been like for them.


You probably already know this, a screen cannot replicate the feeling you get from flipping through the pages of an album. An album helps you to slow down and really soak in every photo, every moment and that nostalgic feeling.


You may want to feel this with your own photos but it is hard to find the time to organise an album. I get it, it’s a big job and is always further down the priority list. But I know you want to do something with your wedding photos, the photos of your kids, your furbabies or that epic trip you took all those years ago.


Let me help you take the guilt away from not doing anything and let’s get it done together. I have been creating albums for many years and I work with the best quality album makers – everything is custom and handmade to make sure it reflects exactly what you want. Your album will last for generations to come! I can do the design and send you proofs (changes are possible) and then we send it to my album maker and it is done! I can also offer editing services in addition to designing your album if you your photos need some extra love, so don’t be afraid to ask.



There are many options for covers, styles of the pages and sizes. I have a lot of samples in my studio in south west Sydney (Picnic Point). I would welcome a visit but please note that they are by appointment only. I don’t want you to catch me in my PJs! ha! If you cannot visit my studio then we can arrange this all over email and I can send you a lot of examples of your options and help you make decisions.


There are many gorgeous embossing options including using your favourite font or the font from your wedding stationery. I did this for Joana + Maria’s album (above photo) to match their handmade invitations.  Smaller matching albums are available to gift to a parent or a friend. I find grandparents love these too and are always showing them off to their friends!





Prices start from $990 for a smaller 8×8″ album and $1250 for a 10×10″ album which is the most popular size. The largest size is 14×10″ and starts from $1500. All albums include 30 sides. As the albums are custom there is a lot more information I would like to share with you. I have a PDF I can send to you which explains in more details what is available. Please contact me if you would like a copy.



The different styles of albums can accommodate your photos displayed across two pages (called Flushmount) or you can opt for the modern take on a traditional album which is called Overlay Matted. This means the print is behind a mat (similar to those you see in a photo frame). I have found both styles to be very popular!



All the albums I create are archive safe and to museum quality standards. You can have your album pages printed on textured art paper or Silver Halide (between matte and gloss which is perfect if little fingers are touching the album).  There are just so many cover options available including Japanese silk, linen, vintage leathers, high quality leather look materials and buckram. Lately the driftwood linen cover (below) has been very popular and it is available with matching box as an extra.


If you are interested to see more gorgeous examples and additional information then please contact me for a PDF.



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