Mike and Uli's Berlin couple portraits in an abandoned building in Berlin
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Mike and Uli’s Berlin couple portraits in abandoned buildings

Beelitz provides an awesome backdrop for urban photos

Mike and Uli are the coolest of cool couples and also great friends! These Berlin couple portraits were very relaxed and these lovely people were very happy to be cheeky in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun exploring the estate of an abandoned hospital in Beelitz – we just wish we had more time! The rain did not deter us either, instead, they danced and rejoiced rather than ran for cover!

After our little field trip to Beelitz, we headed back into the centre for some more Berlin couple portraits at Tacheles which is very popular with tourists – a real mix of locations!

Berlin Couple Portraits – how did this happen?

I am based in Sydney Australia but I regularly travel to Europe each year (usually during June/July/August). Mike and Uli visited Australia for Mike’s sister’s wedding and I thought they looked like a fabulous couple. We chatted and I told them I would love to photograph them one day! They joked “yeah sure, if you come to Berlin you can!” Four months later I was in Germany photographing a wedding and I was able to visit Berlin.

Sometimes I like to barter my services for travel experiences so I asked Mike and Uli if they did not mind showing me around Berlin as a local and look after my food on the day and I would be happy to do the photos for them. I also requested we take some of the photos at Beelitz as I had seen some photos online and fell in love with it. They were very happy with this idea!

So if you would like to do some portraits and you are in a Europe then I am sure we can work something out 🙂 I love the local feel when I am travelling and it is the only way I like to travel!

Couple stand together and we see them through a rectangular gap in a door in these Berlin couple portraits

Couple stand in the opening of separate windows with the guy looking at the girl as she laughs downwards in these Berlin couple portraits

Quirky couple loves to play around with the guy looking from behind a broken part of the wall and the girl looking to the ceiling in these Berlin couple portraits

An amazing abandoned yellow building with peeling paint and vines growing over it with the couple peeking out from one of the windows in these Berlin couple portraits

A sweet moment between the couple as they hug in the forest and showing off part of the girl's angel tattoo on her back in these Berlin Couple Portraits

Couple snuggle in a broken doorway with graffiti on the doors in chalk in these Berlin Couple Portraits

Indoor of a huge open space in an abandoned building and the couple are small and holding hands. Lots of brickwork and sun shining through the top left window in thee berling couple portraits