Jadan and Ross - Love is Love - The YES Campaign
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Jadan and Ross – Love is Love

Sydney's countryside provided the perfect backdrop for these lovers of the outdoors!

Jadan and Ross were one of the winners of the Same Sex Couple Portraits Competition. I offered to show others, who might not know, why they should vote YES for marriage equality. I recently spent the afternoon with Jadan and Ross at Rouse Hill. Like many others they are fighting for marriage rights.  It was just like any other couples session I have photographed over the past 10 years. We laughed, we joked, there were cheeky moments and there was a lot of love.

The day of our session was my 10 year anniversary for photographing weddings. I hope that the next 10 years will look very different with legal marriage rights for all! (Update: I know now that will be the case – yay!)

They say it was love at first sight. Ross was leaving to go back home to England just three days after they met. After maintaining a long-distance relationship and flying back and forth between Sydney and Manchester, these two made a big decision.  They went through the extremely long process to have Ross on a partner visa so he could live in Sydney with Jadan. They are hard working individuals and have sacrificed many things so they can be together. Next year they will embark on an incredible adventure to travel the world together for 12 months. (Update: it ended up being two amazing years of travel)

Have a read of what Jadan said when he shared the photos on Facebook. “Ross and I are just like every other couple out there. We love, laugh and support each other. Whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual, love is love and we are no different to any other couple. Vote YES so same sex couples can smile and marry the ones they love <3.” And it is so true. I have photographed a many same sex couples and they are no different. They love, they joke around, they annoy each other (in a good way haha), they show affection and look after each other. Let’s look after each other and show that we want marriage equality for all.

Gay Couple Portraits – Opening Minds

One last uplifting comment before you can enjoy the photos. This comment was made by one of Jadan’s friends. “I’m proud to let you know that my influence in showing these gorgeous shots of you and Ross to my 87-year-old neighbour …he posted off a YES vote!” It should be noted that his neighbour was not previously a YES voter! This is EXACTLY why I ran this competition and why I wanted to share these photos.  I want people to see the tenderness, the connection, the real love. It is so uplifting to know my photos have been able to change the mind of a previous ‘No’ Voter. There is hope for society yet.

Please share the beautiful relationship shown between Jadan and Ross so we can educate and influence others to do the right thing! YES!!!  And yay we made it!