Erin & Mick's Vintage Little Forest Cottages Wedding - Southern Highlands
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Erin and Mick’s Vintage Little Forest Cottages Wedding

A Beautiful Family Wedding on a Country Property in Alpine

We were lucky in the Southern Highlands for this wedding. Very lucky as the dark clouds came over us we just got a few drops and the rest of the day and night was perfect for this outdoor Little Forest Cottages Wedding.


Little Forest Country Cottages is near Mittagong. The cottages are packed with character and there is a beautiful little lake on the property and alpacas and geese that roam. It was the ideal location for a casual family-oriented wedding with the kids having the run of the day :). The wedding was beautifully decorated with all the props and furniture from Erin’s business Queen Street Vintage Prop Hire. They are absolutely gorgeous and if my husband and I got married again, I would certainly be using these!!


Please enjoy looking through all these fun and romantic moments from the day. Music from The Wiggles set the dancefloor on fire after the first dance for this wonderful family wedding! Be sure to check out those photos at the end!


Little Forest Cottages Wedding – All the Details!


Bride’s Dress: Jean FoxAllure Bridals / Hair Artist: Friend (retired) / Make-up Artist: Deahne Brumfield / Flowers: Sydney Flower Market (DIY) / Celebrant: Mel @ Mels Bels / Venue: Little Forest Cottages, Alpine / Music: Friend / Suits: Tarocash and vest from Cherry Clothing / Groom’s shoes: Topman / Bridesmaid’s Dress: Alfred Angelo / Stationery: Vistaprint / Cake: Love that Lolly Bar / Props and Styling by Queen Street Vintage Prop Hire.



A signpost with a sign pointing to "Little Forest", and a sandwich board sign saying "Mick & Erin Wedding" with an arrow pointing to the left

A pair of off-white bridal shoes and a pair of off-white young girl's shoes in a rectangular wicker basket

A white bridal gown and light pink flower girl's dress on hangers hanging in front of a white wardrobe

A diamond ring on a wooden beam and a green coloured book titled "The House At Pooh Corner" by A. A. Milne

A white coloured cottage bedroom with a wedding dress hanging on one side

A bride in a pink floral robe smiling and holding her young daughter

A cottage fronted by a lush garden with lots of plants and trees

A two story light blue cottage surrounded by lots of trees, plants and vines

An old style camera on a stool above a sign saying "Smile, make memories"

A light blue, two storey cottage amongst trees near a small lake where a few ducks are swimming

A man helps his young son into his wedding day attire

A man and his young son laughing together and hugging

Two pairs of brown male adult shoes with socks and a small pair of young boys shoes and socks

A man points to the moustache design on his socks as his young son stands next to him

A boy has his suspenders adjusted by his father

A groom and his best man assisting each other with their accessories during wedding preparation

A groom and his son sitting and smiling together

A groom and his best man tickle the groom's young son

Ceremony setup with mismatched chairs overlooking a lake

Mismatched chairs at an outdoor wedding ceremony and a steel bucket of white flowers with a sign that says "Sit where your heart desires"

A sign saying "We met over a basket of popcorn" behind popcorn bags and next to a popcorn maker, and an easel with a pinboard mounted on it

A small book titled "Don'ts for husbands" dated 1913 with some floral tableware

A bride and her maid of honour in matching floral robes sitting and laughing together

Two smiling young girls laying on some cushions

A young girl and her grandmother laughing and sitting on a bed

A bride having the back of her dress laced up by her maid of honour, and the bride sitting and looking in a mirror

Three white gold rings on a small hessian bag

A smiling bride in a white gown standing on a deck and leaning against the railing

A seated bride in a white bridal gown posing and showing off her dress and hair

A smiling bride holding her daughter

A bride holding her daughter and both being hugged by the maid of honour

A shed amongst the trees with geese and an alpaca nearby

A groom and his best man smiling together

A wedding arch with white fabric "planted" in two wooden crates with white and beige flowers near a small lake

A chalk drawn Instagram sign and a small wooden crate with bubble blowing apparatus

A young boy in a garden walking away, turning back over his shoulder to poke out his tongue

Wedding guests mingling before the beginning of an outdoor ceremony

A groom waits for his bride before his wedding ceremony wearing a white shirt, brown tie and vest with a floral buttonhole and tan pants

A chalk sign tied to a wooden post, it reads "Welcome to the wedding of Mick & Erin, 17 October 2015"

A maid of honour walks down the aisle hand in hand with the flower girl

A bride is walked down the aisle by her father and son as her groom, his best man, and the celebrant look on

A smiling bride and groom hold hands as their celebrant speaks into a microphone

A groom's young son hugs the groom's leg as his father and mother are being married

A bride and groom kiss at their ceremony as their young son and daughter stand near

A small wedding ceremony in progress as shot from across a small lake

A bride places a wedding ring on her groom's finger

A smiling bride and groom with an arm around each other

A smiling bride and groom at their signing table

A typewriter and some flowers on the signing table at a wedding ceremony

Bubbles in the air as a bride and groom walk back down the aisle after being married

A bride and groom and their young son walk through bubbles being blown by their wedding guests

Wedding guests mingling after a ceremony

Two young boys putting popcorn into a bag, and a few drinks on a wooden table along with flowers in a glass jar and an aluminium can

Some wedding guests sitting around a wooden table

A young girl sitting on a picnic blanket and two large glass drink dispensers, one with a sign saying "Lemonade"

A smiling bride and groom holding their young son and daughter

A bride and groom playing a game of croquet

Croquet sticks and a sign saying "Croquet, Bocce", the bride and groom in the background

The groom, his son and his best man and a few other male wedding guests sitting along some wooden steps

A groom, his son and his best man showing off their shoes and socks

A smiling bride feeds popcorn to her groom

Wedding guests mingling underneath large umbrellas near a cottage

A bride and groom kiss near a table with a popcorn machine

A bride and groom holding a sign that reads "We met over a basket of popcorn"

A groom holds his bride close under a tree branch with white flowers

A bride and groom embrace underneath a tree covered in white flowers

A bride and groom smile at each other underneath a light blue umbrella in front of a large tree

A groom holding his bride's hand and helping her up some stairs toward a train carriage, and a bride and groom sitting closer together in the train carriage

A bride and groom smile as she pulls his tie to bring him toward her

A groom sits close behind his bride with his head over her shoulder

A bride and groom standing together in the corridor of a vintage train carriage

A bride and groom leaning on an iron gate in a wooden fence with a sign on it saying "Studio Cottage", with the cottage in the background

A bride and groom share an eskimo kiss as they lean on a rusty iron gate

A bride and groom standing together on the upper balcony of a two story cottage

Wedding guests sitting together around a table on the deck outside a small cottage

Hessian and lace bunting hanging on a verandah

A wedding reception setup on a cottage verandah

Flower decorations in aluminium cans and wooden Mr and Mrs signs on the back of wicker chairs

Table decorations at a wedding with flowers in a large white jug and a candle in a glass jar, as well as a bar setup with beers, wine and glasses

Food being prepared and wine bottles in a steel bucket next to some wine glasses

Candles in jars and love heart shaped decorations hanging from a beam

An "Eat, drink and be married" sign on small chalkboards in a frame on a wooden bench next to a wicker chair

Wedding reception setup with mismatched tables and chairs, rustic looking decorations with hessian and lace bunting, on a cottage verandah

A groom kisses his bride on the cheek as they sit on a wooden bench seat near a small lake

A bride and groom hold hands and walk across a lawn amongst some trees

A bride and groom look at each other lovingly while walking across a lawn hand in hand

Antipasto platters on wooden tables on a verandah

Antipasto platters on wooden tables and a bucket of ice and beers

Wooden props for reception tables including wooden signing board

A white two tiered wedding cake on a wooden log platter with floral decorations and a "Love" topper

Wedding cake and other decorations on a wooden table

A wooden signpost with various wooden signs point out directions

Wedding guests mingling on a cottage verandah

Food being served and two young boys chasing each other across a yard

A bride and groom sit with each other on a wooden chair next to a wooden signpost and wooden barrel

A closeup of a bride and groom holding hands

A closeup of a bride and groom's shoes on the grass

A man and three boys playing on the grass as wedding guests talk and mingle in the background

Wedding guests look on from a verandah as the bride and groom make their way to the dance floor for the first dance via an arch made up of some of the guests

A bride and groom share their first dance under lights on an outdoor dance floor

A bride and groom dancing amongst their wedding guests

An overall shot of wedding guests dancing on an outdoor dance floor

A groom holding his son and daughter

Wedding guests mingling under lights outdoors

A bride and groom kiss under lights outdoors


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