Henry's 6th Birthday space themed photoshoot with aliens!!
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Henry’s 6th birthday space themed shoot with aliens!

A rocket, a moon and a surprise Nerf gun attack!

I started my career as a professional photographer when I was marketing for RSPCA NSW. So my first exposure to taking photos was capturing untrained animals. They were my first challenge. And then I practiced on my nephews – so kids were the second challenge. But what do they say about working with kids and animals?! I say, bring it on!! Let’s embrace the chaos so we can appreciate all the moments in between. Or perhaps it is even better if we can appreciate all the moments in the chaos because that is what we are living right?

That is exactly what Nicole and Tim do each day and each time their family is in front of my camera. They love the moments that capture each kid’s unique personality. This time it was a space themed shoot to celebrate Henry’s 6th birthday. It was so wonderful to see the kids take on their roles as aliens or astronauts so creatively.

Nicole is very ‘DIY’ and creates amazing things from stuff lying around the house. Perhaps it is those skills that come from being a primary school teacher or perhaps it is amazing people like Nicole who become primary school teachers.  The rocket and moon were created from packaging that was to be recycled and the helmet from a colander. Let’s not forget the jet pack made from bottles and aluminium foil and the silver item on the rocket is a croissant packet! It was all perfect for a space themed photoshoot!

So with your imagination there really are no limits! If you are creatively inclined, then please don’t hesitate to get on Pinterest. Have fun turning waste and recycling into fun props for the kids to unleash their imagination. Also, I am here if you would like to discuss ideas if you would like a little help.

Space themed photoshoot – the details

It was too windy two weeks before the space themed photoshoot so I suggested we postpone. That is the benefit of booking with me because if the weather is not right you are welcome to postpone with no penalties. And plus, the rocket would not have stayed upright and probably would have flown across the park haha! The kids continued to enjoy the rocket at home until we were able to take the photos – I noticed some info written by the kids stating Netflix was available on the inside of the rocket!  We had a glorious afternoon which was perfect for a space picnic too!

Just a few props and this session was a fun afternoon where the kids used their imagination and were free to be creative in their play.

Henry holding his space helmet and in front of his amazing cardboard rocket at his space themed photo shoot

Henry the Spaceman ready to go on his mission in his rocket at his space themed photoshoot

All the siblings love playing together as aliens and a spaceman in front of the moon at this space themed photoshoot

Cute baby alien at this space themed photoshoot

The family look to the skies to celebrate their fun space themed photoshoot