Shona and Rich's Lake Parramatta Engagement Portraits
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Shona and Rich’s Lake Parramatta Engagement Portraits

A Beautiful Sunrise with the Mist over the Lake Parramatta

Can you believe this place is only a five minute drive from Parramatta’s CBD?! It is an absolutely magical spot and is quite hidden. Having portraits at Lake Parramatta is the most wonderful experience.


We spent last Sunday morning enjoying the peace and quiet while watching the sun rise above the trees at Lake Parramatta. No one was around until we were leaving about an hour later. We listened to the birds sing and we explored the bush tracks, sat on the rocks and enjoyed the view. We also sat in the long grass! Engagement Portraits are a great way to do things that you might not be able or game to on your wedding day. So perhaps climbing a fence, sitting on rocks that are hanging over water or walking in the bush may not be possible on your wedding day but for your engagement portraits, it is much more possible! I encourage my clients to do what makes them feel comfortable and it is usually them who may be suggesting to do something crazy!


Anything goes for an engagement portrait session, so open your mind and think about the possibilities – it can be fun, romantic, quirky or serious.  Whatever you want and whatever suits you both is my focus! The location does not need to be a parkland or beach, it can be your favourite cafe, the spot where the proposal took place or just your favourite place to visit. I have photographed engagement sessions in Melbourne and Sydney alleyways, in a country field with a vintage bike, on a rowboat and on the family farm.


This was such a perfect spot for Shona and Rich to celebrate their engagement as it is a spot they love to visit and is close to their home! They also enjoyed seeing it at this peaceful time of the day. If you are curious about what Lake Parramatta is like, you can find more information here.


The greatest eskimo kiss of them all in front of a perfect reflection of the trees in Lake Parramatta Black and white photo of the couple standing amongst the textured bark trees - Lake Parramatta

A black and white photo and close up of the gorgeous diamond solitaire engagement ring - Lake Parramatta

Two photos - one that is far away with the couple cuddling and the other is closer up and focusing on Shona looking at Rich with a big smile! - Lake Parramatta

Walking along the bush path with the lake by their side and looking lovingly into each other's eyes - Lake Parramatta

Overhanging tree frames them perfectly as they eskimo kiss - Lake Parramatta

Full length photo with an overhanging tree as Shona looks at Rich and laughs - Lake Parramatta

Kisses in the bush with cheeky grins in between - Lake Parramatta

Sitting in the long yellow grass with the trees framing them as they cuddle - Lake Parramatta

The couple are sitting on black and white tartan picnic blanket in the long yellow grass - Lake Parramatta

A large tree with couple standing by it cuddling and overlooking a large misty lake with reflections of the trees in the distance. This is my favourite photo at Lake Parramatta

A spectacular panorama photo of the couple at Lake Parramatta where they are very small in the middle of the image and then the bush and lake surrounding them - Lake Parramatta

Shona and Rich laughing again while sitting on the rock in the bush - Lake Parramatta

Shona and Rich looking at each other and laughing - Lake Parramatta

Shona puts her arms around Rich and draws him closer - Lake Parramatta

A great bush photo with the couple laughing a lot while sitting on a rock - Lake Parramatta

Close up photo of the couple touching hands whilst sitting on the rock. You cannot see their heads in this picture so it looks like quite an intimate moment - Lake Parramatta

Couple walking in the bush - a candid photo while the guy is smiling at the girl at Lake Parramatta

Couple standing on a wooden fence and hanging over while the sun streams over them at Lake Parramatta

An overall photo of the couple holding hands with big trees either side of them and the lake reflected in the background - Lake Parramatta

Couple smiling for the camera whilst sitting on a rock - Lake Parramatta

Two black and white images of the couple leaning in close together and sitting on a rock with the lake in the background at Lake Parramatta

An overhead view of a couple holding hands whilst sitting on a rock at Lake Parramatta

Full length photo of couple holding up bright orange lifesavers in front of their heads and smiling with the lake in the background - Lake Parramatta

Engaged couple hold up bright orange lifesavers with their heads showing through the middle while standing in front of a lake - Lake Parramatta