Steampunk Vintage DIY Same Sex Wedding in Germany
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Steampunk Vintage DIY Same Sex Wedding in Germany

Joana and Maria totally in love

Joana and Maria’s wedding was my first same sex wedding and it just happened to be in Germany! It had a steampunk vintage theme, old stone buildings, barn and the brides made their own outfits and decorations! I think that is a pretty impressive lineup!

The day was absolutely incredible, from all the details to the love radiating from Joana and Maria! We chatted about their wedding for almost a year and I was very lucky to see both outfits in the making! The ladies were not showing each other until the wedding. Living in an apartment together made it very hard! The anticipation was very high! Joana and Maria are passionate about creating costumes and visiting various medieval and character-based festivals. Naturally, they loved being in front of the camera.

The ceremony was heartfelt and filled with lots of laughter. A hand binding ceremony was performed along with drinking from the special double-headed glass (not sure of the name). The rings were unlocked from a chest with a special key. I was so excited when Joana and Maria liked my idea of throwing the bouquets at the same time. Joana threw to the men and Maria to the women! Have a close look at the photos of this – someone tried to duck in at the last minute unnoticed but ended up being the focus of the photo – haha!

First Look Wedding Photos

Before the ceremony, the ladies had a first ‘non-look’ where they stood on either side of a corner holding hands and share special words of encouragement and excitement! Maria also made a beautiful handwritten note for Joana which ended in laughter and happy tears.

Before this though, Joana’s three sisters had visited Maria when she was getting ready and given her a gift – it was a necklace with a very special pendant attached. Sadly, not all of Maria’s family support her relationship with Joana so it has been very hard for both of them. So Joana and her sisters decided to design a special family emblem so they could show to Maria that she would always be part of their family. All family members have the pendant. There were so many tears, also many from me when the pendant was given to Maria. Such a thoughtful and touching gift.

Same Sex Wedding in Germany – All the Details

Maria’s Wedding dress: DIY – Made it all herself! / Maria’s shoes: ABC Schuhcenter / Maria’s accessories: Bijou Brigitte / Joana’s Wedding Outfit: DIY – Made it all herself / Joana’s shoes: Mirapodo / Joana’s accessories: Bijou Brigitte / Flowers: Götzkes Aachen / Hair and Make-up artist – Joana: her sister Sandy, Maria: Nicole Bräkling / Wedding rings: Paula Beißel / Celebrant: Lars Wierum / Venue: Gut Hebscheid / Music: DJ Daniel Wackers / Stationery: Design by Joana and Maria, printing and paper by AliExpress

The barn was decorated beautifully with chandeliers and other lighting made by the ladies – they are so talented! The steampunk-themed cake was a surprise by Joana’s parents and well received! Speeches were not really a focus on the night and instead, a beautiful song was performed by Joana’s father and sisters along with a balloon release and sparklers amongst the guests.

I want to say a huge thank you to Richard Verdegaal for telling Joana and Maria about my Wedding Photography. He is an amazing photographer based in the Netherlands and helped me on the day with some gorgeous lighting for the getting ready, first dance, cake cutting and the surprise balloon release at night. I couldn’t have done it without him! Thank you, Richard 🙂

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