Athina Vlachaki - Artist Portraits in Skopelos Greece
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Athina – Portrait of an Artist in Skopelos Greece

A very kind, generous and incredibly talented collage artist!

In my research of Greek Islands I decided that Skopelos was the right fit for me – relaxed, has a character-filled old town, is super GREEN and not as touristic as the other islands. It also has the infamous ‘Mamma Mia’ church! What I had hoped when visiting Skopelos was meeting wonderful people. I wasn’t disappointed, especially when I captured artist portraits in Skopelos Greece.

At seven years old Athina was already an award-winning artist. Her painting ‘The Wedding’ was recognised by UNESCO and to this day hangs on the walls of Paris’ City Hall. Her Mum who is also an award-winning artist and poet, Marw Vlahaki was and still is Athina’s inspiration. Over the years Athina has painted but now she works with collage offering a very unique perspective. Her style is so eye-catching and also whimsical, feeling like you are in a fairytale. In November 2012, she was awarded “Commendation” for her participation with Art Kolonaki and Art Way at the International Art Exhibition “Affordable Art Fair.” This was held at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle Washington, USA, under the auspices of Greek General Consulate in San Francisco.

Artist Portraits in Skopelos Greece

When I arrived at Athina’s studio at her beautiful home in Skopelos Town I was greeted with that wonderful Greek hospitality – treats and drinks galore! As I gazed at all the beautiful works of art on the wall I noticed one of a photographer with a cat trying to get the photographer’s attention. I giggled, saying that it reminded me of me! Athina said, “I made that for you, it is yours to keep”. WOW! I was blown away! She had done research on me and produced this gorgeous piece of art just for me.

I was so grateful and the artwork hangs in my workroom as a way to inspire me creatively! Athina tells me that her Mama is her inspiration but also her kids. She has a piece of her kid’s artwork hanging from her desk light (you can see it in the pics below).

After I stopped drooling over all the beautiful art, Athina finalised a huge collage she had been working on for a while. She told me a little about the process. Firstly she collects donated magazines from the community to find the different elements she needs. She cuts out various shapes and then pastes over them five times adding lacquer on top.

My favourite part is when she signs a postage stamp and fixes it to the bottom of her artwork, this is her trademark. Athina has a loving family with three kids and is very close to her Mama. She is very modest about her work (and therefore does not have a website) but we can all see how much talent she has and an incredible eye for something different! Feel free to let yourself fall into the magical fairytales she has created through these artist portraits in Skopelos Greece.

Skopelos and Other Artists

Information on visiting Skopelos can be found in this article that lists the beautiful beaches, great food and activities. I photographed another artist but in Italy, portrait artist of the Pope! Check out Elvio here.

Athina the artist stands by her big collage on an easel in her studio in these Artist portraits in Skopelos Greece