Hannah and Ben's Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding Portraits
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Hannah and Ben’s Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding Portraits

A Beautiful Sydney Sunny Afternoon for photos with a Bride and Groom

It is just terrible to see someone so upset because they had the wrong photographer on their wedding day. This has never happened to me (thank goodness!) but I have had a few people come to me, telling me they regretted not booking me in the first place. This was, unfortunately, one of those situations but we rectified it by taking beautiful photos to try and produce happy Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding Portraits.


Katie tells me that whenever her sister looked at her own wedding photos it would make her sad, it would remind her of the fact that the photographer was not very nice to her and would ignore the style she wanted for her photos. Hannah wanted relaxed, natural photos that captured the bond between her and her husband. You are certainly not supposed to feel angry on your wedding day, you are supposed to be the opposite – floating on a cloud and giddy with excitement!


When Katie came to me asking if I could re-shoot some of Hannah and Ben’s Pennant Hills Golf Club wedding photos I was more than happy to help. I got to know Hannah over Facebook, sent her questions over email to get a better idea of the style she had in mind and I asked her to Pin photos she liked to a Pinterest board. By doing this I believe I helped to get Hannah and Ben excited again about wedding photos and try and convince them it can be a fun experience!

This is what Hannah had to say about the Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding Portraits…


“From the moment I spoke to Gemma, I knew it would be worlds away from our experience with our photographer on our wedding day. She was so excited to help us create new, fun memories and to capture them for us. She was so genuine in wanting to make sure she got the photos we were after and what I’d seen before that I’d liked. She mentioned Pinterest and I knew it was meant to be! I had been pinning images in the lead up to my wedding and the other photographer had said to me ‘Pinterest is a photographer’s worst nightmare’ and had no interest in attempting any of the shots I thought looked fun and memorable. I purposefully didn’t mention Pinterest to Gemma after hearing that and turns out I didn’t need to because she was on the same wavelength, asking me if there were photos of hers I’d seen and wanted to recreate. My husband Ben was also really disappointed with the photographer on the day and was happy to get a few photos we’d be happy with Gemma. He can be shy at times, but immediately relaxed and warmed to Gemma, enjoying the afternoon and the whole experience. The time flew by, we had such a fun afternoon of doing all the shots we were after and using props that we’d had on the wedding day and never got a chance to use. We got a sneak peek almost instantly and were so thrilled we sent them to our families straight away. The photos were exactly what we were after, fun, light-hearted and full of happiness. I feel so thankful that Gemma helped us get the photos we were after, our only regret is that we didn’t have her at the wedding!!”


A bride and groom leaning in to kiss while holding up a "photo frame" - Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding












A bride and groom walking hand in hand across a golf course with sunlight streaming in through trees from behind - Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding


















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