Alex and Trent's Winter Centennial Park Portraits with warm sunrise!
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Alex and Trent’s Winter Centennial Park Portraits

All Smiles at this Chilly Sunrise Engagement Session in the Park

This is my most favourite time of year – crisp fresh mornings and warm days with clear blue skies. Winter Centennial Park Portraits are the way to go if you would like cuddly and romantic couple photos.


We started off Saturday morning perfectly with some photos in Centennial Park at sunrise. Whilst the joggers and cyclists cruised past on the path, we were exploring the pine forest and open areas at the back of the park as the sun peeked through the trees. Trent and Alex love this kind of weather and they hope to have a day like this for their wedding in June (see what their wedding was like here!). I approve as I am a June bride :)).


They said they were a little nervous for the portrait session and weren’t sure if they could be romantic in front of the camera. But they ended up proving themselves wrong as they climbed through long grass to kiss and cuddle in the sun! They also had a lot of the fun with Trent picking up Alex and throwing her over his shoulder like he was in a Scandinavian Wife-Carrying Competition!  Alex also provided some cheeky moves as they walked along the grass path and lifted her leg at the back to give Trent a little nudge on the butt!


I love to see my couples relax as the session goes along and provide their own ideas and personality to the photos! Relaxed photos = real and beautiful photos of the two of you! It is also great practice for your wedding day too! So feel free to consider some Winter Centennial Park Portraits! It is a very big park and there are many different spots for photos if you want something different to long grass and a pine forest. There are bridges, ponds, large expanses of water, well-manicured gardens and big paperbark trees.

A man and woman kissing and standing close amongst long grass and trees

A man and woman smiling at each other while sitting in long grass

A man sitting and being hugged from behind by a standing woman with her head on his shoulder

A spider in a web, and a woman seated on a log with her head pointing up, with a man standing behind her leaning over and kissing her

A man and woman holding each other close standing on a path leading through a patch of long grass

A man and woman standing in some long grass with sunlight streaming through the trees behind

A woman playfully kicking a man in the butt as they walk along a trail through some long grass

A man and woman holding each other close with their foreheads together and smiling as the sun streams in from the background and shines over the long grass

A man and woman embrace in the late afternoon sun in a field of long grass

A man holding a smiling woman over his shoulder

A man standing in long grass holding a smiling woman over his shoulder

A man and woman facing each other and holding hands in a field of long grass

A closeup of a man and woman holding hands while standing in a field of long grass

A man and woman holding hands and walking through a field

A man and woman holding hands and standing under a very large tree

A smiling man and woman hold each other while standing under a large tree

A woman with her head on a man's shoulder as they hold hands and stand near a large tree

A man and woman walking through a park with their arms around each other

A man and woman kiss as he leans back against a tree in a field of long grass

A man and woman laughing together in a field of long grass

A man and woman sitting in a field with foreheads together with sun streaming in from behind