Casino themed portraits at Star City, Sydney - Leza and Graham
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Leza and Graham’s Casino themed Portraits at Star City

1920s Poker Engagement Photos

I always encourage my clients to have photos that will represent who they are. Graham loves playing Poker and they both love the movie Casino. So it was wonderful when it was suggested we could do casino themed portraits for their engagement shoot. The only challenge was finding the venue. Because Star City has a high level of security I could not imagine they would ever allow this but told Leza she could try anyway. Leza chatted to their management and amazingly, with strict rules, they allowed the shoot to go ahead. They even provided a dealer to feature in the casino themed portraits!


I was just as excited as Leza and Graham as I know this was a dream of theirs. So we were allowed in the poker room but the dealer was only allowed to use training chips. We didn’t mind one bit, it felt real to us! Leza and Graham had the perfect outfits to complement their debut in front of the camera. What do you think? Do they look the part?


A big thanks to the Poker Room Manager for allowing this to go ahead. And an additional thanks to the dealer Peter for being such a great sport!


Just when you think they had an unforgettable engagement session, Leza and Graham celebrated with a destination wedding in Palm Cove in Queensland. They chose a great time of year for the weather too – June. It was still warm at 27 degrees and safe to swim in the water. You can check out Leza and Graham’s Wedding photos here!



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