Family Lifestyle Portraits at Lower Portland, Hawkesbury
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Family Lifestyle Portraits at Lower Portland, Hawkesbury

Ranny and James planned quality time with their son, Luqman at a beautiful property in the Hawkesbury. They wanted me to capture this time away to mark Luqman’s first birthday. Unfortunately, they did not get any baby photos so this had to be very special! I spent half the day (usually it’s 2 hours) at this character-filled church. Luqman was great and we were able to get a lot of different photos without him worrying about the camera! This also allowed for breaks and naps so it wasn’t too exhausting.

Some of the great things I was able to capture were the preparations of the cake and beautiful banquet lunch. Also, reading time with daddy, playtime with mummy and exploring the backyard. Luqman also discovered the stairs, the cubby house and his new red car!

Besides being in mummy and daddy’s arms, the most fun was had with his raspberry sponge cake. It was just supposed to be his birthday cake to eat but it ended up being an impromptu Cake Smash session instead! Luqman was curious about the cake but didn’t seem like he wanted to taste it. I turned away for a second, he got so excited and started slapping the sponge when I wasn’t looking! After that, there was no holding back, raspberries were going everywhere!

What stood out to me the most on this day was the complete devotion and love Ranny and James have for their son. I was saying awwwww all day long! They have such a beautiful relationship and I thought it was important to give just the two of them time for photos too!

If you are interested in staying at this stunning location in Lower Portland, check out – 1880’s Church on Colo River.

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