Florence's Christmas Shoot with Angel Wings, Lights and Cute Kitten!
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Florence’s Christmas Shoot with Angel Wings, Lights and Cute Kitten!

Hw much cuteness can you handle?

This Christmas shoot aimed to capture a cute photo of a chubby wubby baby bum with angel wings. Tick!

We were also able to have a little fun with some Christmas lights, a Santa hat and some absolutely adorable moments with the new kitten Master Linguini.

Florence’s brother Henry and older sister Camilla were also in the shoot! Before I left we were able to sneak in a relaxed family portrait in front of the Christmas tree. Nicole (Florence’s mum) and I had some ideas for the shoot but even the best-laid plans do not work out perfectly – they rarely do! So we went with the flow and let the kids run the show and let their personalities shine (we tried chocolate bribery, but it didn’t work haha). Thanks to Tim for showing Florence to the balcony, she jumped straight into those yellow heels and then totally worked it for the camera with her hand on her hip!

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to create memories that are not always ‘Pinterest perfect!’ All these photos were taken at their home in Sydney.

A one year old sitting on the floor with a santa hat on and christmas lights around her in this Christmas Shoot


A one year girl wearing nothing but angel wings looking at the Christmas tree in this Christmas Shoot

Black and white of a year old in feathered angel wings looking to the light with a christmas tree in the background at this Christmas Shoot

Kitten in a Christmas Stocking with a young boy and also in a little santa boot at this Christma shoot






Relaxed Family portrait in front of the Christmas tree. Not posed, just having fun together at this Christmas Shoot.