Christine & David's Rowboat Engagement Photos, Royal National Park
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Christine & David’s rowboat engagement photos at the Royal National Park

Rain, rowing, cuddles and lots of laughs!

Audley Boatshed is a favourite location of mine for a rowboat engagement session. You might like to consider a mid-week session as there are fewer people around and it is so peaceful. The Royal National Park offers great variety and lots of fun if you are adventurous.

Christine and David live local to the Royal National Park and this was the third time we had tried to plan a portrait session. It was impossible due to the crazy weather but this time we decided it was third time lucky! The clouds cleared over lunchtime and I got very excited.  However, as I was driving to the Audley Boatshed the dark clouds followed me although no rain as yet. This looks good! A few minutes after I arrived it poured down and the wind whipped up. Oh dear, we were not so lucky at all.

When Christine and Dave arrived we had a good laugh about it and decided to do a few photos in the crazy rain and then postpone to later in the week. After those few rainy photos, the weather cleared up and we quickly headed out in the boat for an hour of great light. As the sun shone down on us we did realise it was third time lucky. As we pulled the boat in to finish off, the rain came down again. How is that for timing?!


Thanks to Christine and Dave for being such great sports – we ended up having such a great time!! So keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be perfect weather to get the perfect photos.



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