Tegan and Mark's romantic portraits at Balmoral Beach
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Tegan and Mark’s Romantic Portraits at Balmoral Beach

Soft pastels were perfect for the beach!

I really enjoy photographing my friends. But what is also more rewarding is strengthening that bond through the memories I can capture for them.  Tegan has always had a lovely style and when she described the romantic portraits at balmoral beach she had in mind and I was hooked! You see, she brought along a few props to show off their personalities including a handmade family blanket. It was important to them to have an heirloom piece showcased in their photos.


I love the cheeky photos of them looking at magazines – Tegan looking at Cosmo Bride and Mark at a travel magazine. They headed to Mauritius for their honeymoon and years later they have visited many times, it is a very special to them!


Balmoral Beach has so many wonderful varied locations for photos. Tegan chose this spot because it is local to them and they spend a lot of time here. I love the board walk, the jetty, Rocky Point island and Bathers’ Pavilion. And there is also my favourite – the sandstone rocks adjacent to the soft sand and the calm waters in the morning. A sunrise session is perfect for seclusion as it is a quiet and very calm time of day. It is a favourite location for me if you are considering some romantic portraits at Balmoral Beach.


Romantic Portraits at Balmoral Beach – Details


Faux Flowers – Pearsons Florist We met at Balmoral Beach Rotunda which is next to the wonderful Bather’s Pavilion.


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