Relaxed Kitten Portraits at Home with Master Linguini
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Relaxed Kitten Portraits at Home with Master Linguini

Pet Photographer Gemma Clarke

I am an animal lover. Cats, dogs, birds, whales, red pandas, you name it, I love them! Ok, maybe not a lover of spiders. And I love to photograph animals. I worked in marketing at the RSPCA many years ago and I actually developed many of my photography skills by capturing animals! So when one of my favourite clients told me about the new fluffy member to their family with four paws, I knew I had to do some kitten portraits for them!

Master Linguini is a rescue kitten. He is very playful and chasing feet from his hiding place under the bed is his favourite activity. His name Linguini was chosen by Camilla who received this cute kitten as her fourth birthday present! What a lucky girl! She loves to cuddle him. Probably my favourite photo from these kitten portraits at their home is the last one where he is sitting very content in Camilla’s arms.

Kittens love to move fast and chase things, so trying to keep them in one spot for a portrait can be very challenging! But after playing hide and seek in a basket we were able to get those blue eyes to shine! These kitten portraits were done to represent what life is like at home with Master Linguini. It was very relaxed and it was a true representation of what it is like in this household – lots of fun with lots of snuggles and love.

If you would like your animals photographed, please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

Ginger Kitten popping out of a yellow basket and a great example of kitten portraits





Little ginger kitten playing with a white ribbon on a blue mat. Gorgeous Kitten Portraits


Small ginger kitten hidden behind christmas tree, cute kitten portraits


Ginger kitten being held by a young girl and looking very content - cute kitten portraits