Natalie and Alex's Sunset Portraits in Paradise in the Cook Islands
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Natalie and Alex’s Sunset Portraits in Paradise in the Cook Islands

An Afternoon Exploring the Island of Raratonga with the Wedding Couple

We arrived a few days before Natalie and Alex’s wedding so we could do some scouting around the main island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. We found some fabulous places – Black Rock, overhanging palm trees with coconuts galore and a spot with an amazing view of the mountains. It made for the perfect backdrop for Natalie and Alex’s portraits in paradise.


The best part of the Cook Islands is it’s variety and ever changing landscape as you move around the island. The portrait session offered the couple a chance to really explore the island for the first time.  Therefore it was more an adventure and that is what portrait sessions should be about, an experience in themselves! We had a lot of fun and we were lucky enough to get some sunshine and some calm waters after quite a windy few days. We were spoilt for choice when we found a heart-shaped coconut trail on the beach. Natalie chose to wear a floral headpiece she bought at the local shop to get into the tropical feel of the photos. At the end of the afternoon Natalie and Alex sat on the beach watching the sunset and a stray dog playing in the water in the distance. It was a very relaxing time and the perfect end to their portraits in paradise.


If you are interested to see all the amazing things the Cook Islands has to offer, be sure to check out Cook Islands Tourism. I would highly recommend to visit the outer island of Aitutaki – it is also amazing paradise. When you think of an oasis, this is it, it has all you want, hammocks swaying between palm trees, and crystal clear water and the whitest sand you will ever see! The snorkeling is also amazing in the Cook Islands. We were able to see so many colourful fish from our kayak!


gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0001 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0002 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0003 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0004 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0005 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0006 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0007 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0008 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0009 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0010 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0011 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0012 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0013 A man and woman walking hand in hand in the shallow water at the beach - Sunset Portraits in Paradise gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0015 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0016 Couple holding hands in front of a big palm tree and the lush green mountains in the background. There is also a stray goat walking around, portraits in Paradise. gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0018 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0019 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0020 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0021 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0022 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0023 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0024 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0025 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0026 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0027 Large overhanging palm tree with the water and beach in the background and the couple very small walking away, portraits in paradise. gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0029 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0030 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0031 gemmaclarkephotography_island-destination-photos_natalie-and-alex_0032