Karen and Steve's Oatley Park Portraits featuring a sandstone castle!
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Karen and Steve’s Oatley Park Portraits featuring sandstone castle!

Bush Engagement Photos in Sydney

After two months of postponing because of unpredictable weather, Karen and Steve decided that sunshine was not meant to be for their portrait session and instead braved a very rainy looking day (it had been raining for two hours before we started) for their photos! What they received in return was an almost empty Oatley Park, a pleasant temperature and some very inquisitive kookaburras! What a fun afternoon we had with their Oatley Park Portraits exploring the dock area, the beach, river and Oatley Park Castle. Thank you, Karen and Steve, for braving the potential rain!


If you would like to read more about this lovely part of Southern Sydney please visit the Oatley Park Wikipedia page.



A man and woman sitting together on a small wharf - Oatley Park Portraits

Collage of two images with image on the left of the couple under a tree and the water in the background and the image on the right showing off Karen's engagement ring while she is resting her hand on his leg - Oatley Park Portraits







Two images of a couple - overall and showing a sandstone arch with the coupe embracing and leaning against the wall. The other image is a close up of them smiling against the wall - Oatley Park Portraits