Hanoi Street Photography by International Photographer Gemma Clarke
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Hanoi Street Photography

The Faces and Activity of Hanoi, Vietnam's Capital City

If you have never visited a busy Asian city then you are in for a shock when you arrive in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam! The traffic is everywhere with a constant flurry of horns being beeped. Hanoi Street Photography is definitely a challenge but also so rewarding!


You wonder how you will ever be able to cross the road with the traffic constantly darting across in front of you! Within 24 hours though, you start to understand how it all works. Those horns beeping is a little sign to say “I’m here, I am coming through, be on the lookout.” It could even be considered polite. If you are crossing the road keep a constant pace so people can judge when to go around you. It is as simple as that! After we mastered that we were able to observe more things around us like the people performing their morning Tai Chi, the vendors selling their fresh fruit from their bicycles and people preparing the food for that day in the alleyways.


Hanoi is a very vibrant and colourful place. We experienced it in a heatwave – even the locals had not experienced such heat before! We highly recommend Serenity Villa Hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it was in the perfect location to enjoy this city and people. Please enjoy going through the different sights we saw on the streets of Hanoi. All images were part of a customised Hanoi Street Photography Mentoring Program I ran with just one student during my stay in Northern Vietnam.


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