Bree and Cale's Urban Grunge Newtown Couple Portraits
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Bree and Cale’s Grungy Urban Newtown Couple Portraits

I was so excited when Bree mentioned she wanted to do some Newtown Couple Portraits. Exploring urban areas is one of my favourite things to do. You can always find little treasures around each corner.

 Cale and Bree have been on this adventure together for 15 years. They have a strong marriage and two gorgeous boys to show for it. There is this amazing dedication they have for each other and also an incredible sense of humour! This photoshoot was done as a celebration of their 15 years together.

Below they share some of their favourite things about each other…

Cale has a huge heart, he is generous and loving to everyone in his life. He is like a bear and gives the best hugs. Cale has a childlike, upbeat energy that is constant and infectious.”

“Bree is kind, sexy and loving. she has compassion that knows no bounds”

And this is what they have learned about their relationship along the way…

Bree says, “Our commitment to each other is unwavering. We deal with our problems and when we fight, we make up straight away. We are kind to each other, very affectionate, we laugh a lot and we share a fierce passion for music.”

Cale says, “We communicate pretty clearly about things and support each other pretty hardcore. We both have less than conventional occupations and have had to do some hard yards to make it work, and still are, but we back each other up when we need help.”

Some great pieces of advice there to help cement a relationship for the long term.

Newtown Couple Portraits – Bree and Cale

Bree and Cale are very creative people. Bree is an actor and also amazing photographer. Cale teaches acting and improv and owns an Improv Company.  Bree tells me it is challenging to lead a life in the Arts but it is definitely worth it. You can check out Bree’s headshot photography business here and her family lifestyle photography here.

Gorgeous cottages at this Newtown Couples Portraits

Weathered old walls are a gorgeous backdrop for these Newtown Couple Portraits

Colourful garages are the best backdrop for photos at this Newtown Couples Portraits

Sitting in a driveway just hanging out at these Newtown Couple Portraits

Sitting in front of a colourful graffiti art mural garage at these Newtown Couple Portraits

A couple are dancing/skipping down a graffiti filled lane at these Newtown Couple Portraits

Kissing couple in a graffiti filled alcove at these Newtown Couple Portraits