Janelle and Mark's Destination Wedding at the Jenolan Caves - Gemma Clarke
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Janelle and Mark’s Destination Wedding at the Jenolan Caves

Unique Wedding Location Underground in the Blue Mountains

Do you remember the Icelandic Volcano eruption that stopped a lot of the world before COVID-19 came along? Janelle and Mark had originally planned their Wedding at the Jenolan Caves for April. However, the volcano had other ideas and they had to postpone to later that year in November. Janelle and Mark live in the UK so the Icelandic volcano prevented them from flying to Australia. It was a very stressful time for them but Mark told me that going through this meant they were even more certain about getting married. And even more certain about getting married and having their wedding at the Jenolan Caves.


The Jenolan Caves is a very unique location and it is not the easiest to access. It is a tricky climb up very narrow stairs with lots of photography equipment. I am not sure how Janelle made it to the ceremony with her wedding dress still in mint condition! Despite this, it was worth the challenges. The day went perfectly, there were many tears of joy and relief that this day had actually become a reality!


Mark and Janelle decided to have photos together before the ceremony in a ‘first look’ session at Caves House. It was such a special moment and I may have shed many tears behind my camera. I am truly a sucker for the groom’s response when he first sees the bride 🙂 Perhaps it reminds me of how my husband turned into a puddle of emotions when he first saw me on our wedding day.


Wedding at the Jenolan Caves – The Details


The Ceremony was held inside the Caves themselves and the couple photos were taken in the beautiful surrounding areas.  Thanks to Domino at Caves House for all her assistance before and on the day.  The getting ready and wedding reception were held at Caves House



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