Lucette's cheeky antique bath photoshoot at home
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Lucette’s cheeky Antique Bath Photoshoot at Home

Is there a room in your house that you love?

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect so you can have portraits of your family? You might be surprised that something as random as an antique bath photoshoot could be what is perfect right now! I will explain…

If you do try to wait until everything is ‘perfect’ you might find you don’t have many photos of your family growing up. Nicole originally wanted some park/seaside photos of Lucette for her 9 month milestone. The weather however was not cooperating and we had already postponed once. I did offer another postponement but Nicole decided photos inside would be fine. Their house is currently amid renovations but there was was one very special room that was complete.   Nicole’s favourite place in the house – her retreat, her calm and quiet place – the bathroom. So we ended up doing an antique bath photoshoot. It was the perfect backdrop for her youngest, Lucette, and her cheeky character.

Antique Bath Photoshoot – The Details

Nicole found the antique bath in Ramsgate from a place that was closing down. It was then resurfaced by Antique Baths Sydney with a lick of pink paint. FYI – the pink is not as clear in the photos because of the back lighting from the window. The Moroccan tiles were sourced from Kalafrana Ceramics in Leichhardt.  The indoor plants are from Plants Instead  and the gorgeous eco/baby-friendly rubber duck is from Biome. And the Bathmat is from Kip and Co.

Later that afternoon I also captured the rest of the family in another part of the house. However, I wanted to just focus on the antique bath photoshoot to help you see the possibility of great photos in one room only. Let’s go against the tradition and provide memories for our kids of the home they grew up in. I think they will appreciate it even more when they are older and they will feel more connected to the photos too!

9 month old baby enjoying her antique bath photoshoot with Hop Out novelty bath mat!

Playing peek-a-boo with little baby Lucette in her antique bath photoshoot

Antique Bath photoshoot featuring a gorgeous nine month old baby playing with white rubber duckie