I love travelling Europe and the UK to see all the gorgeous historical buildings and countryside. I could have been fooled into thinking I was in England when we arrived at St Aidan’s Anglican Church in Exeter in the Southern Highlands. It is picture perfect! The ceremony was very uplifting with everyone in the church singing loudly and with very happy hearts for this couple! Deane was very cool, calm and collected and I loved that he comforted Celeste during the ceremony when she was overwhelmed with what was being said. It is evident this couple care for each other deeply.

The photo location of choice was in front of the wonderful Sylvan Glen Estate in Wingello. Celeste fell in love with photos I took for another one of my clients on that dirt road and just HAD to have the same location. We were blessed with absolutely glorious weather and very lucky the rain the day before had not made the road muddy. After spending some time on the road we headed to the gorgeous guest house and then into the reception where some very heartfelt speeches were shared. A buffet dessert was totally demolished and everyone was on the dance floor burning off all those calories!  The whole day had an amazing feel to it! Congrats to the wonderful couple on an amazing day.

When Celeste first wrote to me she told me that photos were very important to her and her family and that she loved the natural feel of the photos in my portfolio. So you can imagine the pressure I was feeling to make sure everything was perfect! Celeste and I spent hours on Facebook chatting about the day and ideas for photos. This all translated into me having a better understanding of her and what I could do for her on the day. I was beside myself when I received these comments from her after seeing the full gallery last night.  ”You captured everything perfectly. Candid shots were incredible!”

Bride’s Dress: Benjamin Roberts design from Brides of Sydney / Flowers: Inhope Farm / Hair Artist: Jodi from BTempted / Make-up Artist: Nikki from Crowning Glory Hair & Make-Up / Minister: Dominic Steele / Ceremony Venue: St Aidan’s Anglican Church, Exeter / Reception Venue: Sylvan Glen / Cars: Avis Kings Cross / Jewels (Necklace and Rings): Prouds / Bridesmaids dresses: Review / Stationery: Vistaprint / Cake: Wedding Cake Art + Cake Topper from TrueloveAffair


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Alex and Trent know how to celebrate in style and with personality! The day started with a visit to the Davidson Fire Station where Trent is the Captain. The boys popped on their suits and then their fire ‘suits’ to jump in the truck for a quick spin around the block! You could see that Trent was very excited that the wedding day had finally arrived. Meanwhile, the ladies were doing all the necessary beauty preparations. Alex looked absolutely stunning and you would not have known she had the flu. The ceremony was held at Trent’s school – Knox Grammar. They even had his school chaplain come to perform the ceremony from Central NSW! It was a little chilly during the bridal party shoot at Chinaman’s Beach in Mosman as the sun had disappeared but everyone was in good spirits and decided to start playing on the equipment in park! I was lucky enough to have some time with just Alex and Trent on the beach to get some lovely shots of just the two of them. Be sure to check out the cake – it is a stunner!!! And thank you to all the guests who were truly busting a move on the dance floor – the energy was infectious!

Bride’s dress: Lisa Gowing / Flowers: Colour on Stem / Hair and Make-up artist: Jennifer Mountain / Ceremony Venue: Knox Grammar School / Reception Venue: Zest at The Spit / Music: The Party Starters / Cars: Always Classic Cars / Suits: Peppers / Shoes: Nine West / Bridesmaids dresses: Rodeo Show / Stationery: Fiona Smith / Cake: Emily Davison / Jewels: Swarovski


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There are a lot of people in the world who love to travel and I am certainly one of them. I love to see an amazing sunset or sunrise or a gorgeous building towering over the city however lately, I want more than that, I want to be a part of a local’s lifestyle. I want to eat, live, work like them. I want to see what it is like to be different from me. It is true, I have always been a lover of people and always interested in other cultures. But now I want more. I want to show you all how amazing our differences and similarities are by living the life!

For at least ten years I have had the goal of swimming with the Whale Sharks in Western Australia. I have been putting it off year after year to make my way to Europe but this year I decided I would use my frequent flyer points and book this trip. The human element in my trip was missing so I started researching the Exmouth area to see if there were any other experiences ‘up for grabs’ where I could learn about what it was like to live in a very remote part of Western Australia. I read a beautiful article written about the Shallcross Family who run Bullara Station and I was hooked! I sent Edwina Shallcross an email about wanting to capture their lifestyle at the Homestead and Bullara Station and I was welcomed with open arms!

So what is life like on the Station for the Shallcross Family?

Bullara Station is 86km from Exmouth and about 60km from Coral Bay (both small towns). The Shallcross Family offer camping grounds and modern self contained accommodation in addition to farming cattle and sheep. I have been assured that I was seeing the Station at its best as there had been lots of rain and the vegetation was lush! If I couldn’t see the rich red dirt I would have questioned whether I was in the Outback! I visited in early June and although it was the best time for the weather it was not the best time to see the workers on the land as they were not mustering cattle and the sheep had just left the station a few weeks earlier. There were however some adorable brown and white lambs in the paddocks near the shearing shed to keep me satisfied.

Here are some things I learnt from my stay at Bullara Station.

*Preparation is key when you live so far from amenities. Groceries are ordered online each week which are delivered via courier to Bullara Station each week.

*There is also food at the Station with chickens providing eggs and a vegetable garden but this highly dependant on the weather. 

*The kids take a bus to school and travel 3 hours a day.

*There are two very friendly sheep who wander the Camping areas and Shearing Sheds and are called Brownie and Snowflake.

*Two horses also roam the camping areas and are dearly loved by the Shallcross girls, Olivia, Lucy and Mimi.

*Almost every night ‘Damper John’ creates a delicious Damper over the campfire for all guests to enjoy.

*The outdoor showers are amazing – looking up at the sky and seeing the trees overhead – there is a sense of peace and freedom as you enjoy the water running over you.

*Dinner each night is enjoyed at the Homestead around a big table with the workers from the Station.

*The Shallcross Family will join guests for drinks around the campfire at night or as the sun sets over the sand dunes.

*Running around barefoot is commonplace for the Shallcross girls.

*A mud puddle created by a lot of rain in the previous weeks become a haven for butterflies, a drink bowl and bath for the horses and a big playground for the kids and their friends.

*The sunrises and sunsets in the Outback are unmatched, just amazing and different every day!

*The number of stars at night – I lost count at 3,679 ;).

*Lying in a hammock after a big lunch and enjoying the 27 degree weather in the shade – priceless!

*Whilst I was there, Tim Shallcross worked hard on fixing machinery, fixing up shrubs that had fallen in cyclone in March and creating new cattle yards. He was also busy teaching new station workers.

*The shearing sheds are over 100 years old and have just survived another cyclone!

*A special mention goes out to April, Edwina’s mum who fed me each day with delicious and wholesome meals!  Also a big thanks goes to Damper John for taking me out to see the Exmouth Gulf on the property with the red crabs, the sting ray sand imprint and watching the cows, including a newborn with its Mama.


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